A Triumph-ant return?

In the 1970’s it was called “the shape of things to come,” but could the Triumph TR7 make a comeback?

BMW has applied for a European trademark covering the badge used by the defunct Triumph Motor Company, according to automotive …

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Triumph Factory 1961

The Standard Triumph Car Factory, Coventry 1961 Footage taken inside the Standard Triumph car assembly plant in Coventry during what looks to be the early 1960’s. it was more of an assembly plant than factory as the body shells and …

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BMW Powered TR6


Ultimate Motoring Machine: BMW-Powered 1973 Triumph TR6

This 1973 Triumph TR6 has been the seller’s 5-year quest “to build a virtually stock appearing TR6 that performed at insane levels while delivering exceptional reliability.“ To achieve that goal, he installed a …

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Some sketches I made going back to about 1986. Random stuff I found while digging in boxes of old books and personal memorabilia.



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What Makes A Triumph

I don’t profess to be all knowing when it comes to the history, heritage and detailed doings of the Standard Motor Company. What I do know is what I believe “makes” a Triumph for me. Generating odor-induced memories from a website …

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New Triumph: The idea.

A New Globe and Garland Laurel Wreath This post is my effort to capture and articulate a vision for the revival of the Triumph automobile marque. 

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