What is “The New Triumph”?
This website is my effort to capture and articulate a vision for the revival of the Triumph automobile marque. I believe there are enough Triumph fans left in the world to generate demand for a new Triumph motorcar company. I need your help to prove it.

Some of the Goals.
Ultimately, my goal is to bring back the Triumph as a pure sports car company.

  • Reimagine the Triumph as a purist sports car company.
  • Pay homage to the lineage of Triumph using the latest technology available.
  • Build cars with legendary driving dynamics, aesthetics and user experiences.
  • Employ a Steve Jobs philosophy to design. Aiming for elegant simplicity in every detail.
  • Develop generations of owners, investors and admirers.
Read more in my original thoughts about The Idea.


About me.
For now, you can read about me at my namesake blog. www.kevinkastner.com
Suffice it to say, I’m simply a man on a mission. I love cars, especially sports cars. My first sports car was a 1972 Triumph TR6.

Note: This is an enthusiast driven project with no connection to Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), nor does this website profess, claim or intend to represent the actual Triumph Motor Company name, registered trademarks or any patents held by its owner.  That said, I hope we do get their attention!