2016 Triumph Spitfire

A TR Spitfire Revival

The latest rumor not getting much attention is the plans for a Triumph Spitfire revival on what looks to be a Mini mockup of a new roadster.


The report claims a V6 and V8 power plant option which seems highly unlikely, unless I missed the report of (BMW) Mini selling the Triumph name to FCA who would have the “Hemi” engine mentioned in this story.

While I am open to the possibility of such a new Triumph car, this seems highly speculative and unlikely. A guy can always dream however…


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Expected Release Date of the New 2016 Triumph Spitfire: September, 2015
2016 Triumph Spitfire to be built

The new 2016 Triumph Spitfire sports coupe is coming back with a cushion the work on the new design of the Triumph is made possible by having a counterpart thus, the 2016 Triumph Spitfire, presumably with a standard V6 standard, is a born.

Regarding the name – We were told that the name Triumph Spitfire was abandoned after fans were less enthusiastic about re-use of the name Triumph Spitfire, on a car that looked just like the original; we expect the 2016 Triumph Spitfire to be revived instead. Indeed.

2016 Triumph Spitfire – Release date and price
The 2016 Triumph Spitfire will probably be re-introduced in late 2015, but for model year 2016, when we will certainly be able to say that this new 2016 Triumph Spitfire inherited, borrowed or received a new and clean image of itself.

Now, The 2016 Triumph Spitfire, seems not replaced, but as a stand-alone model. The Triumph engineers involved in accordance with the technologies and requirements of the modern automobile industry, have made this 2016 Triumph Spitfire easier and faster. Having lost nearly 120 pounds of weight compared to its predecessor, The 2016 Triumph Spitfire will be on the new platform. Most certainly can not be said, is there a smaller version of the platform would be D-RWD, 2016 Triumph Spitfire is placed in a upper sports class, or a new midsize platform RWD , created under the influence of Triumph engineers?

2016 Triumph Spitfire prices

On the basis of all available information and some spy photos, the 2016 Triumph Spitfire has already received its competitor on the market. A valid without precise information on the equipment that will be offered on the new 2016 Triumph Spitfire, it is assumed that the price of the new 2016 Triumph Spitfire should be around $ 45,000.

2016 Triumph Spitfire engine

The Spitfire should have a double engine, a V6 engine and an optional Hemi V8 engine with direct injection with 450 horsepower, which is very likely to improve the spitfire’s performance and also provide with much better fuel efficiency and mileage. Emissions are also likely to be reduced as required by law.

Some functions outside the 2016 Triumph Spitfire would be maintained so that the Spitfire would be a legacy remembered a much better and improved version, which perform better on the road. The front fascia and grille have been redesigned to make it more streamlined and modernized. And some changes inside that adds comfort and ease with the pleasure of a real racecar that made Triumph so famous.

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