Austin-Healey Project Tempest

Reportedly, a new Austin-Healey 3000 was going to debut at a car show about 7 years ago. In a decent Photoshop rendering of what looked like a Pontiac Solstice, this new AH would have been great to see as a true concept vehicle.

PistonHeads excerpt:

“Could Austin Healey be on its way back? It just might be resurrected by this very look-alike modern equivalent.

Dubbed Project Tempest, the carmaking team is headed by Prof Krish Bhaskar, the front man for the Triple A bid for MG Rover that lost to Chinese firm Nanjing. If the plans come to fruition, it’ll be British-built, and Bhaskar said he was in discussions with a number of partners on this very topic. The plan is that the car will cost under £25,000 and hit 60mph in five seconds or less.

Don’t expect to see one on the roads any time soon though: it’s only a plan and, as anyone who’s observed the car industry for any length of time will know, there’s many a slip…”

Austin-Healey 3000


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