Triumph or Tragedy?

Jalopnik takes a look at the surviving “traditional” British car marques.

The British screwed up their automotive industry like no other. The endless badge-engineering meant that their once great cars become as outdated as the fish and chips kiosk just outside the factories, while the long-lasting strikes made sure that the workers went back to do their shifts with just the right attitude.

Quality control? In the seventies, even the Romanians cared more about their Dacias than Leyland employees about whatever they built.

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Which is worse, Leyand or Lucas?British Leyland logo

Sadly, I have to agree with most of their comments about the industry exploding inward on itself. Britain’s cars were never all that special in most engineering aspects, but the character and quirks are what made them so endearing to their owners. My hope is to one day see a return of motorcars made for the sheer experience and joy of driving…and perhaps this time, quality will be part of that equation.

– Kevin

Spitfire Photo Credit: Squirmelia via Compfight cc
Leyland logo Photo Credit: mag3737 via Compfight cc

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