BMW Powered TR6

Ultimate Motoring Machine: BMW-Powered 1973 Triumph TR6

This 1973 Triumph TR6 has been the seller’s 5-year quest “to build a virtually stock appearing TR6 that performed at insane levels while delivering exceptional reliability.“ To achieve that goal, he installed a BMW S50 M3 engine and 5-speed transmission and a host of other performance modifications. This car is guaranteed to panic the Triumph purists, but we dig it and would love to make it a sleeper with a period wheel package. Find it available here on Craigslist in Overland Park, Kansas for $40k. Special thanks to BaT reader Josh W. for this submission!

1973 Triumph TR6 Restomod BMW Power Roadster For Sale Front


The bodywork on the car looks first class, and the medium red color is a very good one on the TR6 shape. Shaved side markers help keep it clean, and the custom bumper bars are well executed though the factory bumpers with no guards would also be a fine look. These BMW BBS wheels suit the car’s performance and hint at the powerplant upgrade, but we have to wonder if there would be a way to customize the factory wheels to clear the Toyota/Wilwood brake package.

1973 Triumph TR6 Restomod BMW Power Roadster For Sale Rear

Note to others planning to sell a car… photos in a spotless hangar instead of a crowded parking lot are never a bad idea. The interior features a 6-point cage and fresh looking carpets and upholstery. The steering wheel and shift-surround are nicely executed, and though we’d rather have vintage gauges at least these Autometers are mounted in the original locations on the factory dash. The fuel cell is nicely integrated as well and worth a look.

1973 Triumph TR6 Restomod BMW Power Roadster For Sale Interior

The engine bay is super clean, with no typical TR6 carburetor housings to be found. The BMW engine looks space-age by comparison, and the output should easily be double that of the stock engine, if not more. We love that a straight-6 was chosen instead of the V8′s we have seen in other conversions, as it stays true to the original layout.

1973 Triumph TR6 Restomod BMW Power Roadster For Sale Engine

Cleanliness and engineering can’t be argued with on this car, but it will take a special person to want this particular combination and want to pay for it. We’d further sort the car with happy road miles, and spend the hours between either staring at it or sorting out the alternate wheels. We hope that the seller can find a kindred spirit.

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