BMW to pull another Mini with Triumph

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BMW to Pull a Mini on the Triumph Brand?

We owe Gabe from Motoring File an apology for missing this story until now (our mailbox was lousy with Caption Contest entries). It seems BMW is using the Mini platform to work up some kind of a two-seater Triumph concept car that will be shown sometime this year. According to Autocar, there’s a good chance the concept will see production. The branding aspects of such a car are no sweat for BMW, considering Triumph is one of brands BMW acquired during its purchase of Rover (and its back catalog of iconic UK marques) before unloading the remnants to Ford and other suckers mercenaries investors. [Update: The Unofficial Austin Rover Web Resource sources say the concept designs (more than one) are “retro-modern in style, but with a nod to the past, carrying traces of Triumph TR4 and Stag in places.” Plus the company has bid MINI distributors in the US to await “some very big surprises’ in 2006/7.” (Thanks, James).]

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